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1、旁观者的姓名永远爬不到比赛的记分板上。Spectator's name never climb on the scoreboard。

2、要想壮志凌云,就须脚踏实地。If you want to top gun, you must be grounded。

3、苦难与幸福一样,都是生命盛开的花朵。Suffering and happiness, life is a blossom。

4、命运之神关上一道门,必定会打开另一扇窗。Fate god closes a door, will open another window。

5、决不能放弃,世界上没有失败,只有放弃。Never give up, there is no failure, only to give up。

6、再冷的石头,坐上三年也会暖。Cold stone, sat down in the three years will warm。

7、一个人如果不被恶习所染,幸福近矣。If a person is not dyed by habit, happiness nearly。

8、修正自己吧,不要企图修正别人。Fix yourself, don't attempt to correct others。

9、拿望远镜看别人,拿放大镜看自己。Take the telescope to watch others, take a magnifying glass。

10、我们不能选择命运,但是我们能改变命运。We can't choose the fate, but we can change the destiny。

11、没有承受困难的能力,就没有希望了。Without the ability to withstand difficult, there is no hope。

12、许多人缺少的不是美,而是自信的气质。Many people do not lack beauty, but confident temperament。

13、行动是成功的阶梯,行动越多,登得越高。Action is the ladder of success, the more, the higher the。

14、别想一下造出大海,必须先由小河川开始。Don't think about making the sea, you must start from small rivers。

15、感谢不离不弃的你,让我知道仍有人爱我。Thank you for sticking by, let me know someone still love me。

16、给高贵的灵魂找个住所,迷途之返是好汉。Find a home for the noble soul, is the return of lost men。

17、每个人都要长大、但不是每个人都懂得长大。Everyone has to grow up, but not everyone understand grew up。

18、欲望以提升热忱,毅力以磨平高山。Desire to enhance the enthusiasm, perseverance in order to smooth the mountain。

19、展现自己的风采,用加倍的努力来赢得成功。To show their elegant demeanour, with double efforts to win success。

20、太阳能的原理:集中在一个焦点上才能产生热。The principle of solar energy: focus on a focal point to produce heat。

21、创造机会的人是勇者,等待机会的是愚者。Create opportunities for people is a brave man, waiting for chance is a fool。

22、诽谤别人,就象含血喷人,先污染了自己的嘴巴。The slander of others, like smite with the tongue, first polluted their mouths。

23、不开心睡一觉,就让它过去吧。伤心还好,伤胃就不好了。Not happy sleep, let bygones be bygones。 Sad well, hurt a stomach is bad。

24、每个人都有美好的梦想,只有坚持,你的梦想才能实现。Everyone has a wonderful dream, persistence, you dream to achieve。

25、人生需要耐心,需要勇气,需要**,更需要信心。Life requires patience, need courage, need passion, need more confidence。

26、世上没有绝望的处境,只有对处境绝望的人。There is no desperate situation, only people with a slough of despond。

27、没有一种不通过蔑视、忍受和奋斗就可以征服的命运。No one without contempt, endurance and struggle to conquer fate。

28、打击与挫败是成功的踏脚石,而不是绊脚石。Blow and frustration is a stepping stone of success, rather than a stumbling block。

29、我们可以输在人生起跑点,但绝不能输在人生转折点。We can lose in the life to start, but can never lose in the turning point in life。

30、让我们将事前的忧虑,换为事前的思考和计划吧!Let's concerns, will advance change to advance thinking and planning!

31、昨晚多几分钟的准备,今天少几小时的麻烦。Last night a few extra minutes of preparation, fewer hours of trouble today。

32、我们一定不要当三等公民:等下班、等工资、等退休。We must not when third-class citizens: such as work, such as wages, retirement, etc。

33、不要总是因为考虑长远的打算而忽略了随时可付出的努力!Don't always be ignored that consider long-term plan to efforts at any time!

34、用自己的双手去创造生活,用辛勤的汗水实现人生的梦想。With their own hands to create life, with hard work of achieve the dream of life。

35、如果你想有所作为,那么认准方向后就必须坚持到底,有始有终。If you want to do something, then look for direction must stick to it, after finish。

36、随时保持自信,认识自己的价值,做一个能真正坚定自己的珍宝商。Keep confident, know your value, can be a really determined their own treasure。

37、只有强者才懂得斗争;弱者甚至失败都不够资格,而是生来就是被征服的。Strength alone knows conflict, Weakness is below even defeat, and is born vanquished。

38、面对人生的逆境,不要妥协,而要选择坚强,好好挺着。In the face of adversity in life, don't compromise, and should choose strong, very well。

39、当你能飞的时候就不要放弃飞。当你能梦的时候就不要放弃梦。When you can fly, do not have to give up fly。 When you can dream, do not give up the dream。

40、如果我们消极地生活,那么迟早会深困在自己建造的“房子”里。If we live passively, then sooner or later will deep trapped in his own to build the "house"。

41、感谢那些曾让我伤心难过的日子,我知道快乐已经离我不远了。Thanks to those who make me sad sad day, I know happiness has not far away from me。

42、最重要的就是不要去看远方模糊的,而要做手边清楚的事。The most important thing is not to go to see the fuzzy distance, but to do what clearly at hand。

43、人若把自己框在一定的范围内,就容易限制了自己的思维和格局。If a man put his box in a certain range, would be easy to limit their own thinking and pattern。

44、没有人能预知未来的命运,但我们可以用愉悦的表情面对命运。No one can predict the future destiny, but we can use the joyful expression in the face of fate。

45、做决定之前仔细考虑,一旦作了决定就要勇往直前、坚持到底。Consider carefully before you make a decision, once made the decision to go forward, stick to it。

46、你能把“忍”功夫做到多大,你将来的事业就能成就多大。How much do you can put the "endure" kung fu, you how can cause of achievement in the future。

47、无论做什么事情都不能大意,一定要把事情考虑周密以后才能做。No matter what things can't be careless, be sure to put the things to consider carefully before they do。

48、人生舞台的大幕随时都可能拉开,关键是你愿意表演,还是选择躲避。Stage of the life should be open at any moment, the key is you willing to performance, still choose to avoid。

49、力量必须从自己身上寻找,你终究会发现:你是真正的强者!Power must be looking for of him, you will eventually find that you are the real strong one!

50、忍别人所不能忍的痛,吃别人所不能吃的苦,是为了收获得不到的收获。Endure other people can't endure the pain, eat other people can't eat bitter, to harvest not harvest。

51、想哭就哭,想笑就笑,不要因为世界虚伪,你也变的虚伪了。Want to cry, I cry, wanted to laugh, don't cry because it is the world of hypocrisy, you also become false。

52、人生就像马拉松,获胜关键不在于瞬间的爆发,而在于途中的坚持。Life is like a marathon, to win the key does not lie in the outbreak of the moment, but in the way。

53、善待人生的每个梦想,给自己信心,要知道你有能力实现它。Treat every dream of life, confidence to oneself, to know that you have the ability to achieve it。

54、给自己一片没有退路的悬崖,就是给自己一个向生命高地冲锋的机会。Give yourself a cliff no escape, is to give yourself a chance to the highlands to the life the charge。

55、生命的路途是经历不断追求为别人生产快乐和幸福的过程。The journey of life is to experience the pursuit to the process of production of joy and happiness for others。

56、以善为本,以德为准,享乐是一种空洞,快乐喜悦是一种深刻。To good, good for shall prevail, pleasure is a kind of empty, happy happiness is a kind of profound。

57、成功的人做别人不愿做的事,做别不敢做的事,做别人做不到的事。Successful people do what others don't want to do, do, don't be afraid to do what others can't do。

58、我们的梦想就在高高的山巅上,如果每天攀登一阶,矢志不渝,梦想终会实现。Our dream is on the high mountain, if climb a step every day, unswervingly, dream will come true。

59、只要依靠自己的力量去做事情,即使条件很差,也能取得成功。As long as rely on their own strength to do things, even if the condition is very poor, also can succeed。

60、记住,别轻易地放弃叩门,成功会在你下一次叩门时,微笑着迎接你的。Remember, don't give up easily knock, success will be in the next time you knock, with a smile to greet you。

61、面对命运不妥协,面对困难不退缩,这样才能做自己的英雄。In the face of fate don't compromise, in the face of difficulties don't flinch, such ability to do their own hero。

62、只要不让年轻时美丽的梦想随岁月飘逝,成功总有一天会出现在你的面前。As long as you don't let youth beautiful dreams drift over time, one day there will be a success in front of you。

63、很多时候,成功就是多坚持一分钟,这一分钟不放弃,下一分钟就会有希望。Most of the time, success is to insist on a minute, as much as a minute don't give up, the next minute will have hope。

64、面对困难,许多人带了放大镜,但和困难拼搏一番,你会觉得困难不过如此。In the face of difficulties, many people take a magnifying glass, but and difficult struggle, you will feel difficult。

65、过去的事已经一去不复返。聪明的人是考虑现在和未来,根本无暇去想过去的事。A thing of the past is gone forever。 Smart people are thinking about the present and future, is not to think about a thing of the past。

66、万事提前做好周全的准备,是很有必要的,不然,等到事情发生,你再去应付,可能已来不及了。All the thorough preparation in advance, it is very necessary, otherwise, when things happen, you go to deal with, may already be too late。